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Here's an easy way to help us. Thanks to the Law 266/05, citizens can choose to allocate an amount equal to 5X1000 of their income tax to support non-profit organizations of social utility (NPO). The mechanism of 5 per thousand, in accordance with the 2005 tax return, it should be added to those already traditionally in place (8 X thousand ) allocated to various religious denominations and an opportunity to support important. This is not a burden to your taxes: the State will waive the fee of 5 per thousand to direct it to the purpose specified by you .

In the models for the next tax return (CUD integrative model 2006 model 730/1 or a Unico Income Individuals) there will be four boxes to indicate the preferred category ( non-profit and non-profit , scientific research and university health research; social activities carried out by the municipality of residence); Who decides to put aside , when the tax return, the 5 per thousand of their income tax to the "Foundation for Research on Spinal Cord Injury " shall affix his signature in the first box and enter the tax code in the space of our foundation:


For more information visit the website of the Italian Revenue Agency: (http://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it)
Or contact us via email:

We even now hopeful Thank you as always!

Our foundation has no grants or subsidies from the state or other public bodies and lives of donations of the " People ". The research is very expensive so the foundation is in desperate need of funds and continuous . Unfortunately, the psychological impact of spinal cord injury (para and quadriplegia) is the collective much less important than that of other diseases such as cancer or degenerative diseases. But the problem is serious and the financial burden for families, for the country and the physical and psychological suffering of patients and their families are enormous. The frequency of these lesions is increasing. In Italy, about 2,000 young people each year are put in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Our foundation is a non- profit organization and is classified as non-profit donations are deductible from the tax return.

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