Second International Symposium on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

From 23 to 25 January 2014, will take place in Turin, Italy, the Second International Symposium on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration in conjunction with the Third Meeting ' Club Brunelli '. It will be attended by scientists from several nations around the world to exchange views on various topics related to nerve regeneration.


The ' Foundation Giorgio Brunelli for the Research on Spinal Cord Injury ' will be present at this important occasion of updating and comparison, in which the Founder and Scientific Director of the same, Professor Giorgio Brunelli , will exhibit a communication entitled : BRAIN PLASTICITY BY MULTIPLE SINGLE motoneurons SCATTERED iN DIFFERENT BRAIN CORTICAL AREAS AND NOT BY CORTICAL AREAS ( G.Brunelli - Brescia , ITA ); he will present his latest experimental results and his theory of brain plasticity for multiple single neurons. It will then be the turn of Dr. Marco Cocchi, a scholarship holder of the Foundation , who will talk about organotypic cultures with a presentation entitled: POTENTIAL OF ORGANOTYPIC CELL CULTURES FOR THE STUDY OF NEURAL REGENERATION. (M. Cocchi, G.Brunelli , L. Rodella - Brescia , ITA ), in which he will show the potential of this technique for the study of nervous regeneration.

For more information about the event, to be held in the beautiful setting of the CONVENTION CENTER "TORINO INCONTRA" ( Via Nino Costa 8 , Turin ) you can visit the official website at: / Home .

The Foundation Giorgio Brunelli would like to thank by now the Organizing Committee:
Bruno Battiston , GIM , C.T.O. Hospital, Turin
Joan Gambarotta , DSCB , University of Turin
Stephen Geuna , NICO & DSCB , University of Turin
Isabelle Perroteau , DSCB , University of Turin
Stefania Raimondo , NICO & DSCB , University of Turin
Pierluigi Tos , GIM , C.T.O. Hospital, Turin.


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