Prof. Salafia has been at the forefront of dermatology treatment at the Vimala Dermatological Centre in Mumbai for many years. After graduating from St. Johns’ Medical College in Bangalore he went on to work in Mumbai on an honorary basis at an NGO dedicated to leprosy patients.

In Bombay he studied Dermatology under Prof. Rui J. Fernandez and Plastic Surgery under Dr. J. Shah. In 1983 went to the Istituto Dermatopatico dell’Immacolata in Rome, for a stage in advanced Dermatology. There he got in touch with Dr. C. Frati who passed on his experience with Vitiligo. In 1981 the Vimala Dermatological Centre (VDC) started reconstructive surgery for leprosy patients and Dr. Salafia joined as assistant to Dr. J. Shah. In 1984 he studied Hand-surgery under Prof. E. Morelli and microsurgery with Prof. G. Brunelli.
In Mumbay, and not only there, he has distributed his knowledge and his generous work of hand surgery and microsurgery to the poorest of the poor. He died at 73 years while visiting a patient. Cardiac arrest. To the familiy our most sincere feelings of grievance and to Him an everlasting memory.

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