Giorgio Brunelli Editorial

On 4-6 September, the 30th Dr. Janez Faganel Memorial lecture, International Symposium on Brain Spasticity took place at the University Medical center of Ljubjana, organised by the International Society for Restorative Neurology.

Ristorative Neurology is a new branche of Neuroscience which uses active procedures in order to improve the functions of the Nervous System by means of structural or functional selective alterations of an anomalous neurocontrol according with the basic mechanism and the residual clinical functions in order to improve the quality of life of the patients.
I have been personall invited by Dr. Milan Dimitrievic, M.D., PhD, Emeritus Professor at the Bayor College of medicine of Houston, Texas, U.S.A. and founder of the Institute of Neurophisiological Clinics at the Universirty of Ljubjana.
Dimitrievc is one of the Higest Autorities in the research on the Spinal Cord lesions and is publishing articles on the most important International scientific journals (one together with the nobel Laureat Sir J. Eccles).
Recently he has conceived a new theory on "the spinal Brain" based on the fact that in the lumbar part of the Spinal Cord, neurons exist that realize a net of connections which allows, (at least partially) reflex automatic movements of the lower limbs, even in absence of central command hich help paraplegics tho rudimentry walking. This neuronal net answers to the afferent impulses with a variety of transient configurations and motor behaviours and can be modified by the electrical stimulation and, perhaps, also by cell implantation.
Prof. Janez Zidar, president of he Symposium and exquisite host, presented me with praising words before giving me the microphone. I presented my lecture on my long-lasting research for curing paraplegia showing also videos of the results obtained in some patients who can walk with the help of stiks in a rudimentary way. I also presented my recent discovery on brain plasticity by single multiple neurons scattered in the brain cortex, able to simultaneously activate for voluntary, selective movements functionally valid (that has been pubblished on the number 1 of "Raggi di luce").
At the Symposium many excellent italian reseachers were present, among which professor Andrea Nistri of Trieste who presented his research on "in vitro" spinal cord, and professor Maria Gabriella Ceravolo of Ancona who spoke of her studios on the non invasive cortical stimulation. The Symposium had a great success and has been partecipated by a lot of doctors. At the end I took proft of presenting our 9° symposium of december 2015 in Brescia inviting all the presents to partecipate.

Giorgio Brunelli.

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